Welcome to Ethnic Chic Cuisine, your site for cool,
  cosmopolitan, global food and wickedly delicious libations. 
  I created this site to share my obsession with the bold
  flavors of world cuisine from Asia and the African Diaspora.

  Ethnic Chic Cuisine is a culinary edutainment company that
  brings terrific global cuisine to you via digital media,
  workshops and classes.  Travel the world with me as
  I immerse myself in world cultures for the latest and greatest
  ethnic chic culinary happenings.

  From September 2010 through May of 2011 I will be living and working in Tianjin, China. 
  My blog, Black Rice is a journal of mylatest culinary and cultural adventures.  I'm excited    about my trip and in between orchestrating the minutia of a global move I will share           some of  my preparatory trials and tribulations. 

  On the recipe page, you can download fabulous, easy menus and recipes. 
  They are relatively simple to follow, delicious and sexy with a photo of the final dish.
  I hope to bring you some inspiration that will transform your everyday cooking
  and entertaining into Ethnic Chic Cuisine!

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